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The tap is one of the most constantly used items in your kitchen.


Single lever

Controlled by one lever that is turned to the left to get progressively hotter water or to the right to get progressively colder water. The higher the lever is lifted the stronger the flow of water. We have a wide selection of single lever taps designed to the finest standards.


Dual lever

We provide a wide range of classic two-lever taps, one set for cold and one for hot. Whether you seek a cutting-edge contemporary or modern classic look, a selection of elegant taps are available to fully complement each individual sink style.


3 in 1 taps

However you choose to describe it, with kitchen design playing a key role in home improvement, the future of the kitchen has arrived with the introduction of instant boiling water taps. Franke boiling water taps offer hot, cold and instant 100°C boiling water to save time, energy and water in a single stylish, convenient and space-saving unit.

Safety is assured with a two-step safety handle, while a fully insulated spout and handle ensure that they both stay cool to the touch. The Minerva system features a space-saving water tank that fits discreetly into your kitchen so that boiling water is always ready when you need it. Unlike a kettle, it only uses what is required, heating the water silently and delivering boiling water instantly.

Discreet and suitable for almost any kitchen, the horizontal heating tank sits neatly behind a standard 150mm cabinet plinth, freeing up much-needed cupboard space. Those who have chosen Minerva in their kitchen have found it not only provides a stylish and functional addition to their home but also a real talking point.

4 in 1 taps

Looking for a hot water tap and a water filter tap? Omni is the world's first mechanical 4-in-1 kitchen mixer tap, offering filtered boiling and filtered cold water, as well as the usual mains hot and cold. It's easy to fit in new or existing kitchens, safe to use and ultra-reliable with a 3-year guarantee.

Omni is the world's first mechanical 4-in-1 kitchen mixer tap, offering filtered boiling and filtered cold water, as well as the usual mains hot and cold.

Omni is a complete system, including tap, boiler and under-sink filter. The filter provides high-quality drinking water and also protects the boiler from limescale build-up. Each filter lasts 6 months, and replacing the filter is as easy as changing a lightbulb.


Filter taps

The world's most advanced water filter system cleans water more simply, quickly and reliably than ever before. Developed in Switzerland and impeccably designed. For the most wonderful tap water, you've ever tasted.

The best water filter in the world is also the smallest. That's something of a marvel, given what's inside. It is the first system ever to combine activated carbon with a high-tech membrane and turns 500 litres of tap water into pure refreshment.

The combination of activated carbon and a high-tech membrane ensures supreme water quality and hygiene. Not only does tap water taste better, but it is also much healthier. The extremely compact system looks stunning in any kitchen: an iconic design, space-saving and available in various designs and colours.