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Timber worktops

Timber worktops
Timber worktops

Hygienic surfaces

Made of hygienic, highly durable waterproofed timbers, every product in the range naturally matures over time to reveal richer colours that will continually enhance your kitchen.

Choose from four types of solid woods including striking oak, warm beech and the rich, darker tone of walnut.

Furthermore, curved corners can easily be achieved thanks to the great versatility of timber.

Proven quality

From tree felling to final installation, our single-minded vision is to deliver kitchen work surfaces of exceptional quality, strength and visual appeal. No exceptions, no excuses.

At every stage of manufacturing, we draw on both our traditional craft skills and the latest manufacturing techniques. We begin by selecting timber from responsible forests, which is then carefully seasoned to reduce moisture. This process naturally strengthens the wood and makes installation easier.

Then it's time to create our work surfaces from precisely manufactured solid wood blocks (staves) of seasoned timber. The staves are bonded together with finger joints and a specialist adhesive. The result? A beautifully strong surface with square-cut ends that can either be retained for a contemporary feel or machined to your own choice of profile. The decision, as ever, is yours.



Spectra craftspeople give as much thought to sustainability as aesthetics. Always have, always will. After all, good forest management isn't just vital to ensuring future generations can enjoy our woods and forests. Our very industry relies on it.

It's why all our timber is certified in accordance with the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council®. What's more, the use of solid wood staves in the production of Spectra Solid-Wood work surfaces ensures that we maximize the amount of wood that's used from the tree.

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Timber worktops